About me

My professional career is an important part of my life, and that’s why I have always wanted to work for something I believe in. Being CEO of software house Coders House gives me a chance to explore new technologies, grow as a person, and as a businesswoman. I definitely love what I do.

Paulina Woźniak

“In business and in life, I believe in the women power.


After graduating from the University of Economics in Wrocław, I thought there still was much more to learn, and that’s why I decided to continue my education and get a PhD in economics. I believe that theoretical knowledge helps to build comprehensive work experience.


I have explored many options, and worked in various companies in the creative industries area in the past years. In the end, I became the CEO of a young software house Coders House. Building a brand that I can identify with, brings me joy. Especially when the brand is innovative, and has a great potential in the blockchain technology.


Apart from the professional aspect of my work, there is so much more to it. Working with a competent and highly creative team is something that I value the most. I’m in love with my work, and the IT industry.