The modern world offers us almost infinite possibilities. In order to be able to use them, we force ourselves into a constant rush. However, it is worth pausing for a moment and considering whether the life we ​​lead has for us the quality that we would like. And it’s not about things we own or money in your account. It’s about how we feel about ourselves and how we live every single day. To feel the fullness of life and raise its quality, small steps are enough.

Treat yourself as an important person

First and foremost, always treat yourself well. Learn to respect yourself. Fortunately, it comes easier and more naturally with age. This is a fateful attitude – if we treat ourselves well, we don’t need to keep looking for approval outside.

Choose quality in all areas of your life

From clothing to relationships, always put quality in your life. Don’t settle for shallow and impermanent things. Make demands on yourself, on others, and don’t accept mediocrity.


The simpler solutions we find for ourselves in everyday life, the better for us and our mental comfort. It’s worth simplifying everyday choices, making decisions quickly, and introducing life „automation” wherever possible.


Letting go isn’t easy but we all need it. Sometimes it takes a long time to learn. However, when we get used to the fact that we do not have to cling to everything in life, we will feel calm and balanced. Importantly, quitting doesn’t mean giving up. It’s about letting yourself go. This is an opportunity to slow down and learn more about yourself.

Be patient

Regardless of the circumstances, always exercise your patience. Life changes, and no matter how much we want it, not everything will go our way. Sometimes we are waiting for a better job, sometimes for a child, sometimes for a life partner – and these are matters that are not entirely dependent on us. Therefore, it is worth learning to wait and calmly approach everything that fate brings us.

Be demanding

In other words, have no mercy on something you cannot tolerate. As I wrote earlier, be demanding with the world, but also be demanding with yourself. Set your bar high, set yourself certain standards, and stick to them proudly. If you follow your rules, your life will surely take on new meaning and jump to the next level.