“20 things that women should stop wearing after the age of 30: 1-20: the weight of other people’s expectations and judgments.”

I came across these words by accident. They impressed me. They are so simple and yet so accurate that it’s difficult to disagree with them. It’s true that at every stage of our lives we can make significant changes. Below is my short, personal list of things that change radically after 30th and 40th birthdays.

1. We know our value

Between 30 and 40 years of age, we gain self-awareness and we get to know ourselves better. I have the impression that we feel a sense of satisfaction with who we are. We appreciate our value and it becomes indisputable for us.

2. We don’t have to prove anything

This point is related to the previous one. Because if we know our value, we know what we’re good at and what our strengths are, we don’t need to prove to others that we can do or know something.

3. We are not looking for approval

When we fully mature and accept ourselves, the desire to seek approval at all costs disappears. When there is full agreement in us about who we are and what we do, we do not need the recognition of others. Yes, when it appears, we are pleased and we feel appreciated, while its absence does not cause us a sense of emptiness and undervaluation.

4. We are calmer

Being at the turn of the 30th and 40th birthday we have already experienced a lot, we have learned that not everything in the world is black and white. We’ve had some successes but also failures. We have re-evaluated a lot and sorted our priorities. It gives us a great sense of relief and inner peace. We already know that there is no reason to run without thinking. It is better to give ourselves a moment of rest and reflection to make the best decisions.

5. We express our opinion

It happens that we are afraid to express our opinion. Fortunately, everything changes with age. When we become adults we understand that we have the right to our opinions and that we do not have to agree with others. We have our own fully formed beliefs and we are less susceptible to all intrigues and manipulations.

6. We don’t have to meet someone else’s expectations

The truth is we will never fully satisfy anyone. There will always be someone who thinks we are doing something wrong or behaving in the wrong way. Fortunately, the older we are, the less interest we have about the opinions of others. We do not feel obliged to please everyone and this is a very liberating experience.

7. We have more distance to everything around us

The more years we are, the more distance we have to the world. We have learned long ago that we should not worry too much – especially when we can’t influence things. We know how to cut off from everything that overwhelms us. We value our energy and manage it better.