Simplicity has recently become on top. Is it easy to put it into practice, and above all, in a relationship with yourself? There is no single answer or prescription. The truth is that regardless of where we go (how old we are and where we are), there are always things that we can change, beliefs we can reject, and desires we can get rid of.

Think about what causes the most discomfort in your life

First and foremost, start by diagnosing yourself. What do you dislike about your life? What hurts you, worries you, frustrates you? Although we don’t always think about it, many things cause discomfort in us every day. They are a gift or rather a signpost. Thanks to what tires us, causes intrusive thoughts, and deprives us of the joy, we have a chance to see which area needs change. Think about what you experience most often and this will allow you to change harmful behaviors and maybe even affect beliefs about yourself and the surrounding world.

Do more of what has worked for you

We make a lot of mistakes on our way. But there are also such choices that turn out to be good and right for us. It’s worth thinking about everything that works for us and doing it as much as possible. This applies to various aspects of our lives – we still have to make various decisions. So it’s worth trying, making mistakes, verifying, and finally choosing proven solutions.

Say „stop” to expectations

Try to take life as it is. The pressure of expectations – especially towards yourself – is like a bullet. You still want more and more, and more. There is nothing wrong with self-development but you need to know when to say „enough”. Believe me, life will not be better when you check out the to-do list or things to buy. Life just happens every day before your eyes. Start to experience and live it.

Learn to respect yourself

Self-respect is expressed in many different ways. It’s primarily about taking care of yourself – your environment, finances, and general well-being. When we care and are attentive to ourselves, the quality of our lives increases. Just as it’s worth appreciating your inner child, so should the inner parent’s voice be allowed. It’s thanks to it that we do important things for ourselves and not only those that are intended to provide us with short-term pleasure, and this, among other things, is also based on self-respect.

Trust yourself

Confidence in yourself is an unwavering belief that whatever will happen, it will be fine. It’s faith in your abilities and resources that will help you overcome all adversities. Trust is a sense of agency in managing one’s life and giving it its uncontested sense. Trust makes us worry less about tomorrow and cultivate inner peace.

Protect your personal energy

Every day we are involved in thousands of things. Each of them – whether we are aware of it or not – absorbs our energy. In our minds, thoughts about literally everything pile up. Over time, the chaos of our minds becomes unbearable. It’s worth learning how to calm down and focus on what is most important to us.

Simplify your choices

Too much choice, though it’s tempting, actually tires us, not to say frustrated. Paradoxically, when we limit our choices, we live easier. Everyday we should consider how – through the right decisions – we can simplify our everyday life. The modern world is full of stimuli. We must learn how not to succumb to them and remain true to our resolutions.

Be consistent

When we know what we want (and what we don’t want, by the way), we live simpler, better, and healthier. The excess of offers and all the „must-have” sooner or later will overwhelm us. When we find a way to live a simple life in our way with clear, simple principles, we will fall from a huge burden of unreal obligations and not our beliefs. Practice inner balance and discipline and you will be free from everything that the world gives you and what you don’t need and want.