I came across a blog of Justyna Kwiatkowska by chance. It’s dedicated to women who want to be financially independent. As she says: „I help women generate higher and higher income without shame.” This is an important voice in today’s world. Especially that we cannot forget about the economic crisis we are currently dealing with. If we have not thought about finances with due care so far, now is the time to change it.

I would like us, women, to consider our financial condition as important as health or a well-groomed body. Caring for abundance and well-being is not selfish. It is an expression of self-love. As you can see, the world is unpredictable. However, we can prepare for a little bit of everything. So how do you really take care of your personal finances?

Take money seriously

It often happens that we don’t give money to the right meaning. We think that they are for spending and that they can always be organized somehow. Well, it’s not true. At least not entirely. Some situations cannot be predicted. Then the „financial cushion” becomes truly needed. We must learn how to respect money and spend it fully consciously, knowing how much and for what we pay. Financial intelligence is something that we should all develop within ourselves.

Be aware of what you earn and spend

Long weeks of isolation, closed stores, and malls have shown how little we need to live. Of course, we do not want to experience life in this way, but maybe it’s worthwhile to realize how much we buy unnecessarily and without how many items we can go on. It’s definitely worth making a small examination of conscience since to know where all the money goes. It is good to think about whether this suits us and whether there is a space for improvements.

Take care of your personal energy

I once mentioned the fact that money is energy. Our task is to learn how to manage it. When money leaks through our fingers, we experience a loss of our resources. Then we feel that we are losing ground, we stop feeling safe. Money allows you to feel stable and independent. As soon as we realize this, we will be more prudent about spending which makes our financial condition worse. 

Ask yourself: what do I think about money?

Be honest with yourself and verify your beliefs about money. Things we have heard about money as children have a significant impact on how we manage financially in adulthood. Was money taboo at your home? Were parents constantly worried about them? Have we often been told that „money does not bring happiness”? Maybe today we don’t attach too much importance to it, but when we look deeper, we may realize that we have old beliefs that block us in financial development.

Be careful with the words

„I’m afraid to ask for a raise”; „I don’t deserve it”; „I will never be rich”; „I have no money”. If these and similar sentences sound familiar, you may want to look at the language you use. Let’s agree, the status of our account will not change with the repeated affirmations, but I believe that words affect our way of thinking. And only with a proper mindset, we have a chance to succeed. 

Cultivate new financial habits

It is never too late to develop new, supportive financial habits. It’s worth looking at your situation and improving it. For now, you can simply stop spending money on unnecessary things and start thinking about finances in a completely different way. We often associate money with stress, anger, and fear. Meanwhile, they are here to serve us. If we “set” our relations with them properly, each, even the smallest step, will bring the expected results in the long run.