In companies where it’s possible, employees have switched to home office mode. The work moved to our homes. This has its pros, but it also has many disadvantages. There may be a decrease in motivation and efficiency. Whoever is the boss knows that the ability to manage a team in such a difficult time is a genuine challenge. So how can we take care of our employees’ mental condition and, despite adversities, still create a dream team?

Give your team attention

Attention. This is the first thing to do when organizing the team’s work in such difficult circumstances. Genuine care for the health and well-being of employees will make them feel needed. The attention which results from real commitment mobilizes and gives employees good energy. It allows them to identify with the company even (and maybe especially) in a crisis. The success of a company depends on people and therefore it’s worth taking care of them and letting them understand that they are important. Take care of relationships and teach your employees to do the same.

Communicate changes

What we are currently facing is tough for many of us. Young generations don’t remember such a crisis. The newsfeed is full of layoffs and problems of entrepreneurs. In this situation, it’s extremely important to stay in touch with the team and inform employees about important changes – especially those regarding the reduction of full-time jobs. It’s worth remembering that such decisions affect the motivation and effectiveness of work. Employees have the right to know what is going on in the company. People establish relationships among themselves, thus forming a well-coordinated team. With this in mind, we have to explain the decisions regarding significant changes in company departments.

Adapt your requirements to the circumstances

Each of us has the right to have a bad day. Our moods are different for no particular reason. When we add to that a pandemic, social restrictions, long-term isolation at home, routine and professional duties… Well, it’s an emotional rollercoaster. Fears, tensions, frustrations, longing, and sadness mix in us. Work is work – it has to be done and there is no discussion here, but in the current situation, it’s worth making room for the more difficult experiences that we all face, regardless of position. The flexible dimension of work could be the answer.  What should be more important is the project and regular tasks than the time spent in front of the computer.

Keep an eye on the work 

Before starting work in the home office mode, each team should set clear rules. At Coders House, we use an internal messenger and make sure that each employee greets each other after starting work and says goodbye after finishing work. We have established that we are available online and on the phone during work to be up to date. In this way, we can communicate quickly and efficiently. Checking the progress of work is very important, but you have to watch out for the trap of excessive control. The current situation is also very difficult for superiors. Not having the team at your fingertips may give you a feeling of losing ground. Especially if you are a manager for whom remote work is a rare habit. In my opinion, trust in employees must be put in the first place. 

Trust your team

As I mentioned, trust should be the basis of every cooperation. We cannot control everything, so we should believe in the good intentions and believe that the person who works with us will act in our favor. Trust gives peace not only to our employees but also to us, bosses. It’s not worth wasting energy on constantly wondering what’s going on and analyzing each individual’s task. Try to evaluate the effects of the work as a whole.

Don’t forget about yourself 

Let’s be clear. It’s impossible to manage a company, being in a bad shape. The golden rule is: before you take care of anyone else, first take care of yourself. This applies to relationships with others, childcare, and also team care. Being a CEO means you have to face many challenges and important decisions. This work is extremely responsible and stressful, which requires an adequate approach. It’s worth learning how to rest effectively and return to balance. Sport has always helped me and I still stick to it. I know that my company’s condition depends on my condition, that’s why I do everything to feel great and manage the business with energy.