Spring is a time of revival after a long period of winter. This is the best time to look carefully at ourselves and what surrounds us. We still spend most of our time at home. So if we can’t go outside, maybe it’s worth paying attention to our inner side?

My home is my castle 

We have been spending the most time at home for several weeks. Sometimes we like it more and sometimes we like it less. One thing to admit: the home is our shelter and we should be grateful for that. We rarely think about home in terms of privilege and yet, there are people for whom the roof over their heads is not obvious. Home is our stronghold and it deserves a little bit of our attention. It’s worth remembering that how we live represents us. If we care about our home, we also care about ourselves. So we should regularly clean it, get rid of what is broken and unused. Let the place where we live to be shiny and fragrant. Such energy will certainly fill us from the inside. Doesn’t deep cleaning feel like a genuine catharsis?

When nobody is watching

I have already mentioned how important it is to take care of ourselves even when we are alone at home and we don’t have the opportunity to meet others (at least those in the real world). We should take care of our bodies, not for others, but ourselves. The point is not to do full makeup and put on high heels before starting work at home but to give our body attention, listen to its needs and ensure his balance. Routine, or rather salutary rituals, can help here. The body is closely connected to the mind and soul. That is why the way we feel in our skin matters to our well-being and mental condition. It’s therefore worth taking a closer look at our condition and asking important questions:

What signals are coming from my body?

Does something hurt me?

What requires consultation with a doctor?

What level is my energy at?

Do I eat well and sleep enough?

Taking care of ourselves is fundamental and simpler than we think. However, it requires a lot of discipline (check out this post). Regardless of whether we stay at home or go to work, it’s always worth spending time on beauty care and strengthening health. Let’s do it primarily for ourselves. We decide how we feel with ourselves. Of all the people around us, we can only impact ourselves. Let’s start with this and the rest will be just fine.

Free mind 

We want to do spring cleaning in our homes, wardrobes and caring for the body. At the same time, we cannot forget about the mind, which is sometimes cluttered with excess stimuli and information. Especially now, in times of crisis, we are attacked by the news, which often seems chaotic and incoherent to us. It’s easy for confusion and a sense of loss of control. The more we should learn to calm down and free ourselves from the news feed. It’s also worth ordering your thoughts and, despite the circumstances, putting them on the right track. In other words, it’s better for our health to think positive. Although this sounds trivial, optimism does not come easily. We prefer to share black visions, feeding on the same fear and anxiety. It’s a road to nowhere. As psychologist Katarzyna Miller says:

That’s what worry is – making yourself, life, and everything that happens going dead. It’s like looking at the world, not seeing its vitality, not seeing that everything is developing in some way and that life happens like it wants to.

This means closing yourself to a positive course of affairs, assuming that only the darkest scenario will come true. It’s good to realize this and pay attention to what and how we think. This is one of the few things we have a true influence on.

There is nothing to hide, the current time is difficult. However, we can – like any experience – use it for our own good and development. After all, spring has come.