Now more than ever before, we need self-discipline and self-control. We spend time mainly at home, sharing space with the family. We all see now that it’s a genuine challenge. To strengthen our mental condition and take care of ourselves, we need to set certain rules and stick to them. Self-discipline is an important element of personal development. You can read a lot about it, but nothing works better than experience. 

Save your personal energy

The first and most important thing is the level of our personal energy. It changes over the hours so it’s worth watching when we are in top form and when our energy level decreases. There are a lot of things that cause us to lose valuable energy resources. Here are our greatest enemies:

  • grumble
  • information overload
  • excessive use of social media
  • worries 

None of these things strengthens and calms us down. On the contrary, they cause anxiety and irritability. If we don’t take care of our emotional hygiene, we will quickly deprive ourselves of precious energy resources. I have already mentioned that we aren’t able to control everything in life. Therefore, it’s worth focusing on things and matters that depend entirely on us. When we choose an activity instead of complaining and worrying, we can be sure that our vitality will increase.

Organize your day

We do most things automatically. Recently, however, we are out of the rhythm we are used to. To keep the cycle natural for us, we need to create a daily schedule. In this way – despite the intense routine – we will train the muscle of self-discipline in small steps and regain a sense of agency. It’s enough to divide the day according to morning/afternoon/evening and then plan the activities. Most of us have to work in home office mode and this in itself forces us to set a schedule. It’s worth preparing for the time of day that we have set out. If we start work, don’t do it in bed, in pajamas. Let’s organize the space around us – let us put ourselves in order and the place where we intend to work. When there is chaos around us, it’s more difficult for us to focus and act effectively. We should also determine when we finish work and thus give ourselves time to relax. Clear boundaries will give us balance and a sense of control over our day.

Eat regularly

Staying at home means that we can indulge in many aspects. This also often applies to our diet. Yes, we can eat what we want and when we want, but what will happen next? It’s only up to us how we will use the quarantine time. Again, it depends on our self-discipline. It’s important at this time to watch over regular meals and follow an easily digestible diet. This will not only allow us to feel lighter but also regain a sense of self-control. Time favors us, spring has come. If not now, when?

Pay attention to how you look

I repeat it almost like a mantra, but taking care of oneself is essential. It’s also an indicator of whether we can discipline ourselves. Usually, we don’t think about how we treat ourselves and how we feel about our bodies. We are too tired and always busy. Makeup, styling, clothes – until now it has been obvious to us. Now we ask ourselves: „Who are we doing it for?” Is the answer: „For myself.” no longer satisfies us? Have we stopped being enough? These are issues worth considering just right now when we have time for it.

Live in harmony with your biological clock

There is a particularly interesting field. Chronobiology. It’s a science that analyzes the impact of circadian rhythm on the human body. It allows us to synchronize with our biological clock. Like many techniques that aim to improve the quality of our lives, this also requires self-discipline, self-control, and mindfulness. Our physiology reacts to time of day, changing light or seasons. It’s worth learning how to live in harmony with what is most natural to us. Get to know your biological clock, find out what it wants to tell you. The circadian cycle affects our psyche and condition. It’s worth listening to the body, feeling when it’s the best time for us to wake up and fall asleep. Let’s pay attention to the moments in which we are the most active and to those in which we need to calm down. The circadian rhythm regulates the work of our organs and the secretion of hormones. This is why it’s good to avoid the blue light of the screens well before bedtime and keep the schedule even on weekends. Living in harmony with your body will result in improved health and immunity, and this is crucial at these times.