Events related to the current epidemic affect everyone. They hit our health and economy, affect how we feel. And although it’s an extremely difficult time, paradoxically, it can serve self-development. There are character traits and skills that we can strengthen in ourselves, remaining in quarantine at home.


This is the first and one of the most important things that we have a chance to improve at this specific period. For the first time in a long time, we can’t have what we want immediately. In the age of well-being (or rather a satiation) in which we live, it’s a genuine challenge. In the everyday rush, we are not used to waiting for something too long. Now we have no choice. We postpone important plans and wait for the situation to change. There is no denying that some of us, sooner or later, will get frustrated. The truth is, however, that the better we train our patience, the more peace it will bring us. Also in the future.


We must admit that in recent weeks we have received a difficult and valuable lesson in humility. Let’s hope it stays with us for longer. Sometimes it’s difficult for us to see it or admit, but we want to have everything under control. We are convinced of our importance and infallibility. Meanwhile, life painfully verifies the beliefs of our ego. We have plans and when something goes wrong, it seems to be over. But it’s not. We do our best to adapt to new circumstances. We learn that the world does not revolve around us, our infinite needs and plans. We are part of the world and the nature that surrounds us and this means that we cannot subordinate everything to ourselves. If the current situation would teach us something, let it be a respect for the place we live and each other.

Self – discipline

The unlimited time spent at home may sound tempting, but be careful. The routine we experience can lead to chronic fatigue and apathy. That is why self-discipline and organization of time are so important. It may sound trivial, but to be able to do great things, you need to take care of the smallest ones. It’s worth then starting with such mundane activities as bedding, brushing teeth, and clothing. Otherwise, how to be a role model for children, partners, colleagues? Despite the current chaos, life – although only in our small worlds – continues. It’s worth taking care of ourselves and our home even when nobody’s watching.


We have received something we still lack. More time. It’s worth using it well. If, as in my case, we stay at home with children, the level of creativity increases. It’s not just fun that requires ingenuity. This feature also helps in planning the day and organizing work and lessons. With time we discover the great, inner potential. Now, when we don’t have access to various entertainment and want to take a break from the media, we must be inspired and look for new, interesting activities. And in the end, it turns out that we surprise ourselves.

Managing difficult emotions

Difficult emotional states accompany us every day. They are fear, anxiety or uncertainty. Although they are natural and their appearance is a healthy symptom, we must learn to manage them. Quarantine time can help us. Unable to leave the house, we will quickly notice that our well-being depends on how we care for ourselves, including how we care about the hygiene of our mind. In the face of flooding information, we must be able to turn off, calm down and get back to inner balance. Sooner or later, each of us will understand that it’s impossible to constantly stress and panic. During this exceptional time, we lost ground, but we still have each other and we should take care of ourselves as much as possible.