It’s celebrated on the 8th of March every year. It’s dedicated to all women around the world. And although, as women, we are happy on this day with nice words and flowers, we don’t want anyone to forget about our strength.

It’s in tribute to women that I decided to create the POWER for WOMEN project. I believe that we need such an initiative like never before. It’s a great opportunity for us to open ourselves to each other and see that we are not alone in our struggles. Here are a few good reasons why these workshops are a place for each of us.

If you need a company of other women

Every human needs a sense of belonging and acceptance. At some stage of life, especially when we start a family, we may miss the company of friends. A meeting in a female group can help us make new friends and this will certainly awake our inner energy and the desire to engage in new ventures. During the POWER for WOMEN workshops, we can count on female support. Each of us is different, unusual and needed. And each of us will bring a unique value to this meeting.

If you lack the motivation

In a multitude of duties, it’s difficult to maintain a high level of motivation. Living in the „work-home” mode makes us lose ourselves in the routine. Is there a prescription for this? Yes, indeed. It could be leaving the house, opening up to new contacts. What’s more, meeting new people is a great opportunity to get inspired. Nothing is more motivating than just the right inspiration. Where to look for it? Among new people and unknown places.

If you know it’s time to think about yourself

Perhaps you are making a career, taking care of your husband and children. You look after everyone but … yourself. If these words describe your current situation well, it’s time for a change. The POWER for WOMEN meeting can be a great opportunity. The event will be an exchange of experiences and genuine, female support. We will learn from each other to take care of ourselves with attention and awareness.

If you want to leave your comfort zone

On the path of personal development, it’s important to leave your comfort zone. Today, women are increasingly aware of this. Meetings such as POWER for WOMEN are a great opportunity to develop this skill. It’s time for women to speak on matters that are important to them and to take what they deserve from life. You can’t learn it by staying home. It’s important, therefore, to open up to the world, share your story with others and build faith in your abilities. The workshops I invite you to might be the first step.

Fot. Maciej Grochala / Sukces jest Kobietą

Ladies, remember! POWER for WOMEN workshops this Sunday – March 8, at the Europeum Hotel in Wrocław. You can find event registration here.