How to find your professional path?

How to mark your presence in business?

How to cultivate your femininity in a multitude of tasks?

How to be good enough as a mother, boss, partner?

These are just a few questions that modern women are still looking for answers. I am one of them. My experience – both personal and professional-led me to the point where I felt the need to share my story with others. This is how the POWER for WOMEN business workshops initiative was created. These are meetings aimed to activate women in public space. POWER for WOMEN it’s not only about business. Most of all, it’s about us, women. 

Women’s empowerment

I believe in feminine power. I believe that, as women, we understand each other perfectly and we know how to support each other. All we need is to give ourselves time and space. POWER for WOMEN project is designed to meet these needs. What we need for women is the motivation to act. Sometimes, to find it in ourselves, we need a dose of inspiration from the outside. That is what women’s meetings are to serve. There are so many harmful beliefs that we have to face. These are beliefs about ourselves, relationships, men, money, and career. I would like us to start thinking about all this in a different way – the way that supports us. I am sure it will bring tangible changes in our lives.

First of all – woman

We play many roles during a lifetime: we are mothers, wives, bosses. But first and foremost: we are women. I would say more: each of us is a woman who already succeeds. It’s worth cultivating being a woman. When is the best time to start thinking about yourself? Right now. Life is not about waiting: for love, money and a better version of yourself. The most important thing is what is happening here and now. Meetings with a female group can help us build this awareness.

March 8 – a very special day

There is no better day to start such a unique project as POWER for WOMEN than International Women’s Day – March 8. It will be a wonderful time during which we will unite and celebrate the women’s strength. Just as we deserve it. It’s important for me that women notice each other. That they learn to support each other and see that instead of being competitors, they can become an inspiration. 

Fot. Maciej Grochala / Sukces jest Kobietą

POWER for WOMEN – business workshops with Paulina Woźniak

March 8, 11:00 AM

Europeum Hotel, Wrocław

Registration link here

I can’t wait to see you there! ❤️