What is investing? As defined, it’s „a process that involves the ongoing commitment of money or time to gain benefits or profits later.” And what about personal investing? Could we invest in ourselves? Indeed. We could and we should. It’s worth it! How to do it successfully? Here are some of my favorites ways.


Time is one of our most valuable assets. It happens that we forget about it, losing it to what doesn’t enrich us. However, when we start to giving time to ourselves, we see that it quickly begins to bring us amazing results. It’s worth taking time for self-reflection. To think about changes. Time to be alone with yourself. This is very important because when we don’t invest time to get to know ourselves, we won’t be able to live a fulfilled and satisfying life.


This seems obvious. But are we sure we give it enough attention? Are we able to count how much money is leaking through our fingers for purchases that for some reason are not a good investment? Now, it’s time for a change. Money is the energy that we should use carefully. It’s the energy we should strengthen. Money should serve us and become a tool that, in circulation, will provide us with a good economic condition. It’s worth placing the money properly so that it brings profit over time. This is what we call investment by definition. And there is nothing better than investing in our financial security.

Health and wellness

Health has no price. We all agree on that. It’s simply priceless. Therefore, as long as we enjoy it, we should care for it as best we can. Taking care of ourselves is the best investment we can give to our bodies. We are whole so when we take care of ourselves holistically, we strengthen both – our body and mind. By caring for our health, we provide ourselves with long-term benefits – physically and mentally. We say for a reason: “In a healthy body, healthy mind.”


We build good and lasting relationships, giving them a lot of time and commitment. Trust is something that cannot be bought and it will never change. It’s worth looking at our relationships and asking ourselves whether they satisfy us. We don’t think about relationships with others in terms of benefits, and yet we get a lot of them. Above all, we talk about a sense of security and acceptance. When our relationships are successful, we are calmer and happier. What we give to others always comes back to us, so it’s worth to pay attention to people around and notice them – not just see them.


Last but not least, the things we buy. The truth is that our whole life goes around them. When we understand this, it may come to our mind that it’s worth to surround ourselves with these very things that are of high quality, which are functional and beautiful. Yes, it costs. Therefore, we have another excellent reason to look at shopping differently and start treating it as a personal investment. All we need is to change our attitude. It’s worth buying things once and find out what the well-spent money truly means. If we follow this path, we will find ourselves surrounded by what we really like and what we will keep with us for years – not just for one season. This approach can apply to almost everything: furniture, clothes, gadgets or tools needed for work. Quality always defends itself.