After a long time of waiting and celebrating, it finally came. The new year. Ahead of us are the next months. We have another chance to experience life in our way – in harmony with our desires and needs. As a businesswoman, I like to plan things. A strategy is a clue. It could also concern your lifestyle and yourself. A clear vision can be a godsend from unfulfilled expectations and inner frustrations. In companies, things are planned quarterly. What if you used a similar method in your personal life? Find out. Maybe it will work better than you think.

January – March

1. Say goodbye to everything that doesn’t serve you.

Get rid of everything that is a burden to you. It’s worth doing this starting from a cluttered wardrobe, ending with habits that don’t serve you. Throw away what does not work, what is old, uncomfortable and neglected. Make space around you for what is new, fresh and life-giving.

2. Create yourself.

As said before: vision can be your foundation. Imagine how your life should look like. Create an image that you will strive for over the next months and years. A specific goal is always easier to achieve.

3. Take good care of yourself.

Clean yourself internally and externally. Take care of your body by providing it with a portion of exercise and vitamins. Take care of your hairstyle and clothes. It will make you feel a rush of fresh energy. Do something new. Get enough sleep, drink water and do everything you can to find yourself in the best physical and mental form.

April – June

1. Be active. 

Continue the activities undertaken in the first months of the year. It’s likely that after a few months they already turned into healthy habits. Cultivate them and they will be the source of your personal, inner strength.

2. Take on new challenges.

It’s the perfect time to take up challenges and start new ventures at work and in your personal life. Find a new job or ask for a raise, make changes in your home. Do everything possible to see the results of your work and be satisfied at the end of the year.

3. Strengthen your energy.

Spring is the perfect time to charge the battery. The sun and longer days mean that we can strengthen our vitality. It’s worth using it. Your body will certainly be grateful to you.

July – September

1. Relax.

Nothing is as destructive to us as stress. The holiday period is the best time to fight with it. Whether you spend the summer in the city or outside, try to rest as often as possible. Get rid of all those negative thoughts and get the energy from nature flourishing around you.

2. Expand your horizons.

Travel. Visit new places and meet new people. Open yourself to what is unknown so that you can be inspired again. Experience new fragrances, flavors, and images. Enrich your body and soul with sensations.

3. Cultivate joy within you.

Be cheerful and smile. Allow yourself to be spontaneity. Enjoy the little things: a beautiful sunset, fresh air, a weekend trip. Give yourself as many small pleasures as possible and truly enjoy everything that summer brings.

October – December

1. Calm down.

Autumn is a time of peace and quiet. Get away from the hustle and noise. Stay at some cozy place and find time just for yourself. Calm your inner tensions and fears.

2. Make a summary.

Make important summaries for you. Think about everything that happened to you in the past year. Be grateful for the past time and think about what you can learn from it for the future.

3. Be with others

The end of the year is a time for closeness, a time for family. Before you start racing for presents and decorations again, remember what is most important at Christmas. Give yourself and your loved ones time. This is our biggest asset.

Our life goes on in a continuous cycle. It is worth remembering and trying to live in harmony with it. Then we will give ourselves a chance to stop „existing” from Friday to Friday, and start enjoying the whole year as if it was new for all 365 days.