Christmas time is coming. Wherever we go, we feel it in the air. It’s a great time, maybe even the greatest of all the year. However, despite the festive atmosphere, some pitfalls are waiting for us. How to deal with them and not go crazy? How to go through Holidays and celebrate them keeping the peace of mind?

Christmas is demanding. We are perfectly aware of what awaits us, but we don’t prepare for it in advance. Here are some of the most important challenges that we will face in this Christmas season.

Family meetings

Yes, family gatherings are a source of joy but they can be also emotionally exhausting. During the year, we rarely have the opportunity to meet. So when we gather at Christmas at one table, we are often accompanied by an emotional rollercoaster. Emotions and excitement can quickly turn into irritation and tension. Unexplained things, expectations, and inquisitiveness of our loved ones can easily get us off balance.


If during the year we complain about the rush, just before Christmas time seems to run at the speed of light. Suddenly we realize that we left buying gifts at the last minute and that long ago we decided to clean up the whole house. What’s more, with the upcoming holidays we often have to reconcile work and daily duties, such as childcare. It might be a genuine challenge. It’s not surprising then that in December we are quite overtired.


We will all agree that Christmas is straining our budget. Why does it happen? The reason is that we don’t think about future expenses in advance. We also often don’t set a limit. Unless we don’t count every penny just before Christmas, after the new year, when the holiday emotions subside, we can feel very surprised.

Christmas dishes vs physical activity

We all lose in this uneven fight. Yet, Christmas is the time full of treats! Of course, there is nothing wrong with the delicious food, worse if eating turns into overeating. Then not only our body suffers but also the soul, which results in guilt, fatigue and lack of energy.

Are we therefore doomed to fail? Is there at least one wonderful remedy for Christmas challenges during this holiday time of miracles? The good news is that there are many ways to celebrate a slow Christmas. Here are a few of my favorites:

Remind yourself the true meaning of Christmas

Gifts for loved ones, decorations, delicious dishes – all this is very important. However, it’s not the most important thing. Get a moment of reflection and remind yourself what Christmas truly is. Regardless of religion and tradition, it’s the time of revival, regaining peace and preparation for the upcoming new year. Holidays are the time of celebration. It’s the moment to be with your family, but also to be with yourself.

 Do things in advance

There is still a week until Christmas. It’s not much, but quite enough to prepare some strategy. Before you go shopping, make a list. Give yourself some time to think about the gifts you want to buy. Avoid popular places during rush hour. Don’t leave the most important things for the last minute. These are small steps, but they can work wonders.

Find time for yourself

During Christmas don’t forget about yourself. Find at least a moment to rest, to take care only of yourself. How you feel affects your relations with others. Therefore, it’s worth taking care of sleep, food, meditation or just a moment of silence.

Remember: enough is enough 

This is a very important thing – not just for Christmas but for life. Enough is a magic word that helps you look at your habits and just stop: buying, eating, wanting more, etc. The list goes on. Pay attention to what is bothering you – these are probably things that you have in excess. Take a look at this and change what you think is bad for you.

Christmas happens once a year. We shouldn’t miss it because of rush or fatigue. December brings a lot of good energy. Use it and celebrate the holiday season consciously and peacefully.