There is a day. The only day in everyone’s life. It’s birthday. This is a wonderful time, which we appreciate a lot more with age. Of course, we like gifts and wishes from loved ones, but there is something more. This is the moment when we can and should make wishes for ourselves. This is a special day when we should think about ourselves. I celebrated my birthday last Saturday. Here’s what I wish for myself for the coming year and what I wish for each of you.


I’m starting from this because self-love is a thing that should always be the most important in our lives. There’s no other way. To live a satisfying and meaningful life, we must learn to love ourselves and take care of ourselves. Only then we will be able to share the best we have inside. There is a reason to say: “You can’t pour from an empty cup”. We should give ourselves everything we deserve to be the best version of ourselves for our families and friends.


Patience is one of the most important values. However, sometimes we don’t have enough of it. Therefore, the wishes of being patient will be helpful to all of us. For me, patience is inner peace and the ability to wait for things that are important to us. I try to cultivate it within myself and I wish you the same with all my heart. It takes time for the effects of our actions. The one who is aware of this is happy and peaceful.

Faith in yourself

Belief in our abilities helps us making our dreams come true. And making dreams come true is what we wish for each other. Self-confidence is the foundation of our living. Often we wait for the approval of others, while all the power lies in ourselves. And by believing in ourselves, we can grow as people.


It’s a simple wish of joy. Hopefulness is what we need all year round. It helps us survive the struggle and enjoy good moments. Joy allows us to distance ourselves from the world outside, it also releases our energy. We need it in life like water and air.


Gratitude is connected to cheerfulness and joy. We could say it releases both. Every year we have more and more things for which it’s worth to be grateful. It’s worth appreciating the health we enjoy and other things like work, a place to live or a family. Gratitude is a great treasure. It allows us to stop for a moment and appreciate what we have. It helps us understand that it’s not worth continuing to run for more because what we need will come to us anyway. 

Sense of freedom

Freedom is our privilege – often underrated. I wish we would never lose it. The ability to choose is a great gift. We can never forget that what our lives look like depends on us, that we have a direct impact on it. It’s worth thinking about what kind of life we ​​want for ourselves and wisely make even the smallest choices.

The magic time is coming. It’s Christmas time. The power of wishes is now even stronger. Let’s make wishes with thoughtfulness and a smile. And… let’s not forget about good words for ourselves.