Each of us has heard about the self-fulfilling prophecy. It happens that we foresee certain things without realizing how our subconscious will work on these thoughts. Our behaviors automatically change under its influence and cause that we attract what we think about. One could say that the Rosenthal Effect is a kind of such a prophecy. So what is the power of self-suggestion and do our thoughts and words influence our reality?

What is the Rosenthal Effect

Rosenthal’s most famous study comes from a German psychologist – Robert Rosenthal and talks about the impact of expectations (ours or others) on our behavior. The study was conducted with Lenore Jacobson in 1963 at an elementary school. Its purpose was to figure out what would ensue if teachers would react differently towards certain students if told that a select number of students were expected to learn more information and more quickly than the pupils in their class. To test this, Rosenthal issued a Test of General Ability to the students. After the students had completed this IQ test, some were chosen at random to be the students that were expected to academic bloomers; however, the results of the test did not influence which students of the class were chosen. What was the effect? Rosenthal and Jacobson’s results demonstrate a powerful self-fulfilling prophecy. Students who had been labeled as „ready to bloom” showed greater gains than those who had not been labeled in this way.  

The Rosenthal Effect versus reality

If we take a closer look at the above experience, we will conclude that our visualizations, words, and thoughts about the future impact things we attract in our lives. It’s called a universal law of attraction. Therefore, it’s worth considering this and changing the usual way of thinking. Where to start?

Change your words

The truth is what you keep repeating in your head, becomes your reality. If you stick to the fact that you don’t like sport, you are out of shape, or that you love sweets too much, it will be still exactly as you say. If your habits don’t serve you, try to change them instead of reinforcing your negative beliefs.

Think and speak well of yourself

Start with good thoughts about yourself. Just be kind to the person you are. Don’t diminish your position in the eyes of others, appreciate your achievements and don’t speak badly about yourself. It’s you who decide what others know about you and how they will perceive you. Remember that energy flows where attention goes – make it work in your favor and strengthen only constructive thoughts.

Believe that you will receive everything you desire

The universe always works – for me, it’s one of the universal truths. It gives us what we think and want, it gives us everything we deserve. There is a reason for saying: „watch what you dream about”. Why? Because it can come true. Attract the things that are important to you. Think about everything you want and be sure that realizing your desires is a matter of time.

Support others

Self-fulfilling prophecies concern not only us but also our loved ones. With words and our attitude, we can support them or cut their wings. Tell your loved ones how helpful and important they are to you, let them feel appreciated. Don’t complain about their flaws, instead focus on their strengths. You will quickly notice that small things like gratitude or appreciation can work wonders.

We all are some kind of energy. We are influenced by spoken words and repetitive thoughts. Let’s do our best to make them work in our favor. The self-suggestion is powerful. It can successfully lead us to realize our innermost desires. The time of New Year’s wishes is coming. Before you will wish the best your loved ones, start with the best wishes to yourself.