There is a time in our lives when we all need some change. The new year is the best season for it. However, we often don’t know where to start and how to go through it. We don’t have motivation and faith in our success. We wonder where to get energy from and how to mobilize ourselves to achieve goals. We often look for these answers far beyond ourselves. However, it turns out that it’s worth looking inside to find the simplest solution. For me, the words are a tool. Simple, everyday words that can give us power and thanks to which we successfully approach our goals. Let’s get to know them. 

“I want” 

This is the first and most important thing. It’s a motivation that is needed to act. To do something, first, you have to want it. It all starts with our willingness. Realize what you truly want and then reach for it. Do what you can to get closer to your goal, and believe me, usually, we can do more than we think. However, there is something to watch out for: „I want” doesn’t mean that you get what you demand immediately. It’s always the result of consistent and hard work, and this always pays off.

“I can”

“I can” is one of those beliefs that allow us to flourish and improve. When deciding on changes, we must remember what our power is. It’s decision making. It’s the ability to decide about ourselves that guides us in the right direction. After all, life is nothing but the art of choice. Or rather, thousands of small, everyday choices that affect how we are and what our everyday life looks like.

„I’m able to…”

Do you believe in yourself and your skills? “I’m able to do something” is an affirmation thanks to which our faith in our own abilities increases. It allows us to look at our strengths. See them and recognize them as an integral part of ourselves. Each of us has talents. We must learn to use them wisely. It’s worth focusing on self-development. Thanks to this, we will gain faith in ourselves and end with the persistent undermining of our skills (which particularly applies to us, women). 

“I try” 

We want to achieve so much. The list of our resolutions is growing every year. Unfortunately, these usually remain in the box called „someday”. The truth is that ambitious plans will be meaningless if you don’t take action. Tell yourself: „I’ll try” and just do it. Start with a small step. You will see how you will want more and more every day. Not everything always goes our way. We all experience failures but it’s still worth making attempts to achieve what we dream about. It’s never too late to try.

“I care”

There are many important things and matters that we care about. These words allow us to realize our priorities. It’s worth regularly asking yourself what is most important to you and where your choices will lead you. We have to learn how to focus attention on the most important things. When we have a clear vision of what we want to achieve, it will be easier for us to act.

“I believe” 

Belief in your abilities lies at the heart of every action. However, there is something more. We also need faith in the circumstances, a positive attitude, and trust that the universe wants the best for us. Repeat this often. So often you will believe it. Then you will get rid of the fear for the future, and strengthen the belief that everything that is happening has its deep meaning. Thanks to this you will become peaceful.

“I have the right”

These words are like a spell. When we give ourselves the right to certain behaviors, feelings, and reactions, we gain respect and get in better contact with our inner side. Saying „I have the right” can quickly lead us to success. Suddenly, we find more time for ourselves, think about ourselves and start to care for ourselves more than ever. We give ourselves what we have been looking for in others so far.