Leaving the comfort zone is not easy. It’s a way full of fear and obstacles. However, there is nothing to be afraid of. Even if we need to feel safe, it’s worth going outside of our comfort to truly experience the fullness of life.

What the comfort zone is?

The comfort zone is a state in which we feel good and cozy, psychologically speaking, it’s a safe space. This happens when we are surrounded by people we know and when we do things we’re good at. It’s a state in which everything around us is repetitive and verified. These are our habits. The comfort zone is primarily associated with our safety so why should we leave it? There are many reasons. Indeed, we feel good but we stop developing. 

Here’s what happens when we decide to leave the comfort zone:

We experience new things and expand our limits.

Being constantly in a safe place, we don’t learn anything new – new incentives have no way to reach us. How do we know what we can achieve if we don’t put ourselves to any challenge? Leaving the comfort zone exposes us to the risk of failure, but in return guarantees self-development on many levels. 

We overcome our unreasonable fears.

Fear has large eyes. Our luggage is full of fears that we cultivate and that we carry through life. We can be sure that they won’t disappear if we never face them. This is where leaving the comfort zone can help.

We discover our full potential.

Our potential is huge. And yet we won’t use it if we still hold to the same. When we decide to take up the challenge – even one that seems uncomfortable at first – we can experience how ambitious, strong and enduring we truly are.

We gain independence. 

The truth is we learn the most about ourselves when we face challenges. When we take responsibility for ourselves and our lives, everything around us changes. Going out of the comfort zone teaches us how to stand up for ourselves and allows us to experience what it’s like to feel independent.

We strengthen character.

All of the above-mentioned factors mean that when leaving the comfort zone, we train our character, strengthening it. We become stronger and awake our awareness, which is what personal development is all about.

How to practice leaving the comfort zone?

There are several ways to leave the comfort zone in small steps. Find the best for yourself and see how far it will lead you.

Try something new. 

Find a new way to work, dress differently than usual, eat something you have never liked before. Try new things because they broaden your horizons. Don’t do anything by force, just explore your limits. Try to be different than you usually are and see what happens.


Find the courage to do what you are afraid of. Perhaps it will be something that you wanted to do a long time ago. Each attempt will reduce your fears and make you gain confidence. You’ll be proud of yourself. Remember what Mark Twain once said: the courage is not the absence of fear, it is acting in spite of it.

Open yourself to new friends.

Practice an open attitude. Make new friends and be tolerant. Anyone can teach you something or inspire you. People give us energy and make us constantly learn something new about ourselves and others.

Be a non-conformist.

Learn to say “no”. Although it might feel awkward, it frees us from the expectations of others and allows us to throw a heavy burden off our shoulders. When you set clear boundaries, you become respected and prove that you put your good first. Don’t tolerate what doesn’t suit you, just to keep a safe position and not to expose yourself for a critic. Be your advocate and even if it’s not easy, always stand by your side.

There are many more ways to strengthen your courage and become more independent. Take a look around your life, find out if it suits you and makes you grow. Remember that when you close the door of the comfort zone, you open yourself to success. Nobody said it would be easy, but know it will be worth it.