They say that to be a good leader one has to acquire certain character traits. However, I think being a leader is a mindset. The character of a leader manifests itself first in life, later in business. Even if you won’t choose in your career path to managing a company and people, you will have to learn to manage yourself (in at least five areas). You think: “nothing easier”? Let’s see. 


What is your attitude towards the world? Are you focused on the negative or are you looking for solutions to improve what you don’t like? Clear thoughts are very important to our well-being. They give us the energy to get up and do things. A positive attitude turns into positive results of our actions. What is important, daily news feed impacts our way of thinking. It’s worth to choose it wisely. Let’s pay attention to what is good for us, what inspires us, not to what causes fear and fatigue. It’s worth taking care of our mind’s hygiene – try to calm down and get some rest.


In other words, it means managing what is most important to each of us. Setting priorities is crucial in our lives. The leader always chooses what is essential. He knows that it’s impossible to do everything. And it’s not just about the good work managing. That approach works well in everyday activities and forces us to manage our time properly. Prioritization also means doing one thing at a time. If you’re reading a book, read it – without checking your phone or watching TV. If you spend time with your child, be present – have fun and listen. If you work, get it done – be punctual and reliable.


Learn to respect and make good use of your time. The sense of waste means that we also waste our energy and provokes remorse. A filled calendar doesn’t mean that we will become more productive. Right time management means getting rid of matters that you don’t care about. It’s also an awareness of how much we go online during the day – this is the biggest trap. Last but not least, procrastination. We like to think of ourselves as well-organized and consistent people, and yet unfinished matters overwhelm us, causing frustration and inner tension. Do what you haven’t done for many days, weeks or months and free yourself of this burden. You will feel the difference, I promise.


The leader’s job is to manage resources. We also have things to manage in our private lives. Our main reserves are money. How we handle them manifests our self-discipline. It makes us in control. Money should give us a sense of freedom and peace, not fear or stress. One who can manage money knows how important patience and self-discipline are. These are values ​​that not only enrich our wallet but also ourselves as people.


How to be an example to others? The first step is to start with yourself. You have to take care of your well-being so that you can take care of others (and managing others if you are a leader). Caring about our health manifests respect and love towards ourselves. This, in turn, impacts positively relationships with others. The saying „a healthy mind in a healthy body” didn’t come from nowhere. It proves that we are the whole and we should embrace ourselves without separating the mind from the body. A healthy and well-groomed body expresses internal strength and balance. Which of us wouldn’t like to be seen in this way?

Think of yourself as someone most important to you. Take care of these areas of your life as if they were sacred. Regardless of your position, be the greatest authority for yourself. I went this way and became a leader in my professional life. I don’t regret it, although I know it’s hard work – mainly on myself. Good luck!