Two worlds – analog and virtual intertwine. Nowadays one of the biggest challenges is to learn how to live in them at the same time. Several principles guide us in private life. The same should apply to our presence in cyberspace. It’s important not only for our image but also for our security. So what is worth knowing not to fall into the trap of the network?

Be authentic.

Don’t opt for double standards. Don’t be on the Internet a person you would not like to be in your private life. Authenticity is today one of the most important values. A false image can quickly turn against us. If you have decided to be on the web, always update your information. It’s true that at present, our activity also promotes professional contacts, so it’s worth letting a potential employer know what our experience or last place of work is. Current, truthful information inspires trust and gives proof that we are reliable. What’s more, it’s also worth taking care of our image by updating a photo. Don’t let it be outdated! The Internet remembers everything. Get the most out of it.

Don’t let everyone be your friend.

The digital world offers us many dangerous illusions. On the one hand is a sense of full anonymity, on the other, a belief that we can still increase the number of our friends. A large number of people on our profile might look impressive, but it’s worth taking a closer look at this list and become more demanding in choosing friends. This time the rule „quality over quantity” will also work. Keep in touch with people who bring something to your life. Be aware of who your friends are and always try to follow the principle of limited trust.

Protect your data.

The thing that we should especially pay attention to is our online security. What we need to care about first and foremost is our data. The easiest way to do this is to protect our privacy. First of all, we should never share confidential information that could fall into the wrong hands and take care of the security of the devices we use. Secondly, we shouldn’t publish too many private photos of ourselves and our loved ones. Thirdly and perhaps the most important thing: let’s keep the most valuable things to ourselves.

Don’t say what you wouldn’t say out loud in real life.

Hate on the net didn’t come out of nowhere. It grew out of the belief that on the Internet, we can express unfair opinions and give comments. After all, we don’t sign it with a name but a pseudonym. Well, that way of thinking is wrong. On the Internet, as in real life, we should treat people with respect. We should treat them the way we would like to be treated. Fortunately, there are more and more initiatives related to combating hatred online, there are also legal regulations. The beginning of true changes is a change in our behavior.

Unplug yourself.

Try to separate virtual and private life. Even in the face of the development of new technologies, we must remember that cyberspace is and will be only part of our everyday lives. We have to set clear boundaries for our online life. The private sphere should be protected by all means. It’s impossible to be online from morning to evening and find time for household and being with family. Our life is happening here and now, and although the Internet is an important place for us, it shouldn’t be foreground.