In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us.

Flora Edwards

Today, it’s about helping. About how far the power of helping reaches and how important it is to us all. On my blog, I often talk about taking care of ourselves, cultivating self-love, realizing ourselves in professional and private life. However, there is another, very important element of a fulfilled life that allows us to flourish. We should especially care about it. What’s that? It’s helping others. There are plenty of ways to do this. They cost a little time and some good intentions. It’s worth a try.


…your meal, clothes, skills, and money. Share whatever you have. We surround ourselves with so many things every day. We often lose count, we want more and more, we rarely stop and think about what we need and what we have in excess. We become overwhelmed and tired of the desire to own. What can then come to our aid? Sharing. Around us, there are many people in need and more and more places and institutions that enable us to help (orphanages, shelters for single mothers, homeless shelters). We can give tangible things, offer our time or financial help. Just look around and find the way that suits you best and thanks to which your help will quickly reach those in need.

Take under your wings.

Another opportunity to help is offering yourself. One of the most beautiful and touching initiatives I have encountered so far is the possibility of hugging babies in pre-adoption centers. This type of place is for babies from birth to the first year of age. In most cases, these are unwanted children – left in the window of life or in the hospital. Such volunteering involves accompanying children every day. In addition to cuddling, it’s also feeding, changing and playing. We can indeed give our presence to everyone, not just children. Elderly people are waiting for it. We can also take care of homeless animals. Such help is magic – it costs us nothing and brings a lot of good things.

Find a foundation.

If we want to help regularly, one of the possibilities is helping the foundation we choose. Around us, there are more and more of them. Each of these organizations often tells where one can help, and so every initiative will go where it’s needed. Some places need our help just right now: hospices for adults and children, oncological foundations or foundations that help patients in a coma. I undertook cooperation with one of such organizations. It’s the Poland-based Foundation “Akogo?” belonging to Ewa Błaszczyk. It’s also the foundation that has established the clinic named “Alarm clock”. I will not reveal the details of the project yet, but you can be sure that it’s something special. More soon, right here on my blog. Stay tuned!

Last but not least…

When comes to help, one thing that is also very important is to allow ourselves to accept help in certain situations. Each of us can help and it’s beautiful. However, there is another side to the coin – we all might one day find ourselves in need. The ability to take a helping hand is quite a skill. If we will be attentive enough, ready to help, and also open to the help of others, we will see that good always comes back.