It seems that only we, adults, teach children. The truth is that children can teach us a lot more. It’s worth looking at them with care and curiosity. We should let them for a moment – as long as childhood lasts – be an amazing source of inspiration. So what can we learn from children?

Being honest and showing affection

What is truly amazing about children is their ability to describe things as they are. Children say what they think and show sincere feelings. They don’t hide what they don’t like. They just don’t pretend – if they love someone, you can see it right away. If they don’t like someone, they won’t even come close to them. Unfortunately, over the years, we learn to suppress feelings, which means that we care for someone else more than for our comfort. In turn, children teach us that such behavior isn’t natural for us. They prove to us that we have a whole range of feelings and the right to show them.

Standing up for yourself

We were all children. Each of us was born with the conviction that we have the right to loudly demand basic things – care, the presence of loving people, food, our own space. We never thought that talking about what we want and need could be embarrassing. There are several types of crying for a reason. „I want to eat”, „I hurt”, „I get bored”, „I’m tired”, „I’m sick”, „something bothers me” – these issues don’t only concern the youngest but us all. These are states that each of us experiences. It’s time to learn to articulate them again.

Being open-minded and curious

Famous questions like „Why is the sky blue?” or „Why does toothpaste not stick to the tube?” can be fascinating to us. Children call in question things that we no longer think about as adults. We often lose our curiosity about the world because of routine and excess duties. However, when we have children, we are obliged to explain to them all the mechanisms that rule our reality. Thanks to this, we are still learning – we don’t know all the answers, and the children’s imagination is endless. Even more important is that children are not ashamed to ask. They prove to us once again that being straightforward and honest is a wonderful thing. And that there are no stupid questions in the world. Each of them is equally important and deserves a response.

Being light-hearted

Children remain in constant motion. It’s not without reason that sitting in one place is a punishment for them. They don’t care what they look like – in their or other eyes. Their behavior is natural and free. Spontaneity and laughter are some of their most beautiful attributes. As adults, we are taught to constantly control ourselves. We don’t like to be imperfect. Children smile in front of the camera, they are happy to pose for photos. They accept themselves completely and unconditionally. They don’t yet know who the internal critic is. If we will be vigilant enough, we can restore the child’s power and feel great with ourselves even if we aren’t perfect.

Having minimal needs

The child needs love, care and attention, not many material things. Children don’t know a lot about the material world. There is nothing wrong with buying toys. However, it’s worth doing it carefully and remembering that nothing can replace the presence of loved ones. The same applies to us. For a happy, „adult” life we need much less than we think. Enjoying small things is an act of art. Once again, the children are the champions.