September is a special time for me – four months until the end of the year, and yet the beginning of something new is on the horizon. It’s the new season. It can be a period of deep cleaning, reflection, and big changes. It’s time to go back to school to learn new things. I’m reminding myself of the most important lessons that life gives us. Whether we like it or not. Undoubtedly, each of us will experience them – the sooner the better.

Karma (always) comes back.

This is undoubtedly one of the most important rules that should guide our lives. Everything we do comes back to us. There is a law of karma – the universal law of cause and effect. Karma means action – good or bad. Hence, if we lived in a perfect world, we could choose – be good or evil. However, it doesn’t work that way. Life isn’t black and white. But what’s important, we always have a choice. And behind every choice are the consequences that we must accept. Finally, it’s we who let things happen in our lives.

Everything is changing.

Panta rhei – the truth as old as the world, and yet it’s still difficult for us to accept it. Life teaches us more or less painfully that everything is always changing and it… won’t change. What does it mean? It’s not worth to get too attached to people or objects. We should be aware that what we have is not guaranteed. And our – it seems the most difficult – task is to take much more distance to life.

It’s worth saving – money, time and yourself.

The sooner we learn this, the better for our savings and our health. This lesson won’t miss anyone. There are obvious reasons for saving money. What about saving time and saving yourself – in other words, saving your energy? Living in a world full of stimuli, it’s impossible to do without it. Try to free your mind from the fear of missing out. We are not able to be in many places at once and do everything at once. As soon as we understand this simple thing, the stone will fall away from our hearts.

You can’t please everyone.

Have you ever wondered what does it mean that you can’t please everyone? It means that not everyone will be pleased. It doesn’t mean that nobody likes you or that you have failed. The awareness of this is very liberating. It’s not like you only live for other people. People are also for you. You have the right to refuse and not to do something you don’t feel like doing. You also have the right not to like someone and not to get into a close relationship. First of all, the only thing you should care about is your relationship with yourself.

Sacrifice is not the same as commitment.

Whether we talk about work or personal life, there are important and the most important things. Each of us intuitively can distinguish them. Commitment is characterized by the fact that when dealing with certain matters, we don’t forget about ourselves. We take into account our resources – how we feel and how much energy we have. However, when we start sacrificing ourselves, we don’t care about ourselves. We often do things against ourselves, which in the end makes us frustrated, tired and even sick. By being involved, you control the things you deal with. When you sacrifice, things prevail over you. The choice is yours.

Nobody and nothing can compensate for the lack of self-love.

You might think: “I’ll be happy when I find a partner, when someone will love me, when I buy this or that, when I will have more money.” Unfortunately, there is nothing more wrong. No man or thing in this world can compensate you for the lack of self-love. Without recognizing yourself as an important person, you will never believe in any compliment and you will greedily want more to prove your worth. That is not something that you can buy. You can have what you want: a loved one, a good job and beautiful things. However, one thought is enough to lose the satisfaction of living in a second. What kind of thought is that? „I don’t deserve it.”

Not everything will always be as you wish.

And that is OK. Sometimes things don’t go our way and although we feel bad about this, in the end, we are satisfied and even grateful. There are very few matters in the world that we directly influence. What we should learn first is to give away control. Ask yourself: “Why I still need to have control over something?”. Psychologists say there is unreasonable fear behind it. Try to accept things as they are. Give yourself time to see that what is not going as planned could bring you eventually something good.