In sport and business, one should have a clear vision, an effective strategy and a concrete plan. Believe me, as a businesswoman who loves sport, I know what I’m saying. Here are five elements that prove how much these two areas complement and need each other. After all, success is the sum of self-discipline, effort and sacrifice. No wonder, it’s thanks to these character traits that we can reach level master in our profession and feel great in our body.

Strength of… character

Does sport train mainly the body? Not at all. While doing sports, we mainly practice our character. And what kind of character is needed to successfully run a business? Steadfast. The truth is there are demanding challenges at every stage of business building: from the technical processes to people management. To do this, we need patience and a great deal of self-control. We should also be tough and uncompromising. After many years in business and sport, I can say that character is like a muscle, we have to – and definitely can – train it.

Perseverance training

Whether we talk about the physical effort or company management, there is no more effective exercise of perseverance than a consistent repetition of the same activities. Although it seems unattractive and requires a lot of time, the results – both in sport and in running a business – are stunning. It’s a consistency that stands behind all success. Changes don’t appear suddenly. They are a process whose effects can be seen after months and years of work. Although the truth seems hard, if you are not persistent, you will not be able – in business – to acquire a customer and bring the project to the end, or – in sport – to achieve appropriate weight or strengthen your body.

Team game

Running a company is undoubtedly a team game. There is a need for great captains and the right tactics that will guarantee dynamic development. Teams must learn to play for one goal – yet, the final result of work depends on it. Managing a team is not the easiest task, which is why motivation and being with people, both during success and in times of failure, are so important. The company must have clearly defined rules so that each employee knows what position they are taking and what the game is about. And most importantly, in sports and business, we have to play fair.

Practice makes perfect

It is rare for a prosperous company to be handed over to us in family inheritance. Most often, the adventure with your own business starts with a very small step, which eventually turns into a milestone. The simple truth is practice makes perfect. It’s just like on the run – you stand at the „start” point and, without seeing the finish line, decide that you move forward. The market is developing very dynamically, and therefore, for a company to become a company with a future, we can’t let the technological progress to surprise us. Training becomes a continuous lesson on what we want to be the best at and a lesson on how much we can do – even when the next move seems to be beyond our strength.

Strong will and self-confidence

Strong will means „I want it”, self-confidence – „I will get it”. It’s impossible to achieve good results without a proper approach – especially a mental one. One of the most important points while achieving what we care about is prioritization. We realize that we are not able to take care of everything at once. However, sometimes it’s difficult for us to stick to even one thing that we promised to do for ourselves. That is why self-discipline is so important. Without it, no work can be done. Neither in business nor with the body.