In my career, I’ve worked in many different fields. However, the role of the CEO of the Coders House has taught me the most. Being a leader is demanding, but at the same time gives an experience like no other. There is no one recipe for success in this profession, but there are seven invaluable rules that allow us to do business well, work with great people, and not forget about ourselves.

Rule #1:Give an example

This is a golden rule, which in my opinion, should always be in the first place. A good team needs a good leader, and a good leader will be the one who gives a good example. Remember that giving an example has nothing to do with soliciting everyone to like us. This is not possible. Giving an example means attitude and actions that consistently build our image and give proof that as a leader you are the same person at work and in life and that you are always able to inspire and motivate people around.

Rule #2: Be interested in your team

No leader would exist without his team. So what is essential, it’s the interest in the people who make up the band. It’s worth knowing what talents are on board and what does your crew like. Of course, it’s difficult to know every little thing, but it’s worth trying to get to know your coworkers and open up to their life cases, such as becoming a parent. It’s worth listening to people. It’s a great thing for employees to feel that the boss is on their side and that they can count on him in certain circumstances. What is important, trust always works both ways. So, try to build a reliable team and find people you can count on when the company faces new challenges.

Rule #3: Think long-term

Business strategy is the key. Being in the company such an important figure as CEO, you have to think about the future. Likely every leader is committed to continuous development and learning, and their responsibility requires making a game plan for months and even years ahead. The leader must be open to change and, thanks to his decision-making ability, he has a chance to guide the company and make it blossom.

Rule #4: Take care of valuable feedback

In my opinion, the most effective work is the one that we can immediately evaluate and, if necessary, correct. Believe me, your coworkers want to know how they work, and whether it brings the results you require. Every feedback on the work done by your team is precious. What’s more, it also allows you to build valuable relationships and mutual trust in the company, and from that only a step to the next successful project.

Rule #5: Evaluate and appreciate

A good leader knows how important it is to appreciate employees and reward them appropriately. A great effort and great commitment are behind the well-done work, which is why appreciation is for the employee so big. I also think that everyone who has become a boss over the years, at some stage of his career, has experienced being one of many employees, and thus being in a higher position, he’s still able to understand the needs of his crew.

Rule #6: Decide

One of the most important privileges of being a leader is decision-making. It’s power and it requires responsibility. As long as you can decide, do it. Decide about your business development and your employees. Believe in your decisions and be consistent. Trust your intuition. Although your choices will not always be right, they will help your development and enrich your experience.

Rule #7: Be (only) a human

Don’t be afraid of imperfection. You don’t have to be perfect to deserve the title of the head of the year. You are only a human, and that makes you fully authentic. Don’t make a good face over a bad game. Weaknesses and failures are part of everyone’s life. Accept the fact that sometimes things, in business or life, go wrong. It’s OK not to be OK.