Another day passes. You’re finishing your work, and coming back home. You meet with your loved ones, ask how they are doing, and what happened all day long. You are simply curious about how they feel because you love them and take care of them. It’s natural. Now it’s time to ask these questions again but… to ask them yourself. Here are 10 essential points that we should think about regularly, to make sure that we take care not only about others but also about ourselves.

1. How am I feeling today?

When the last time have you wondered how are you feeling? Our energy changes during the day – it’s worth observing it, and taking into consideration when planning the daily duties. I’m sure you will notice when you’re feeling up and when you get easily tired. Beyond the physical aspect, it’s also important to observe our emotions. Are you sad, angry, weary? If you realize the emotional state in which you are, you will understand better behaviors that don’t serve you, like overeating resulting from stress, for example. This is the first step to successfully changing bad habits.

2. When was the last time I did the periodic examinations?

Our body tells us a lot, but do we understand these signals? Try to listen to your body, and check the date of the latest results. Regular tests are the basis of our health control. The prevention doesn’t hurt and costs much less than a treatment. Pay attention to even the smallest things: frequent headaches, insomnia, lack of appetite. And if you are feeling OK, just make the check tests. Honest care for yourself starts with taking care of your health.

3. What do I need?

Perhaps what you do is not exactly what you need. Stop for a moment and ask yourself, what do you want? Maybe it’s a peaceful life, and maybe some change? Work or rest? At different stages of our lives, we have different desires and needs. Perhaps you are at the beginning of your career and you are satisfied with this time full of challenges and new stimuli, or maybe you start a family and what you need are balance and stabilization? Learn to define changes that are happening in your life and try to move in their rhythm. If you call your own needs, it will be easier for you to talk about them to others.

4. Do I like my job?

Do you go to work with pleasure or rather reluctantly? Do you like what you do? Are you good at this game? Do you receive adequate remuneration? Is your role in the company suits you? These are essential questions worth considering when thinking about your career. Answers will help you fix what doesn’t work best or completely change the direction of your professional path. Remember that if there are more doubts in you than answers „yes,” you have the right to ask your supervisor for help. Don’t look at fate, try to get to know yourself enough to know, what kind of work will be the best, taking into account your competencies, personality, and lifestyle.

5. Do I have my finances under control?

For both, a sense of comfort and a sense of security, this question is worth asking very often. We think we need so much, but are we aware of what can we afford? It’s always worth to take care of the condition of our finances. A good start will be knowing how much you earn, how much you spend, and whether you keep the right proportions between one and the other.

6. Do I like myself?

This question might be simple, but the answer is not so obvious. It’s mostly because you probably never ask it. Try it once and see if you are ready to find out the answer. There is nothing wrong or selfish in thinking about yourself. On the contrary, it’s necessary to be able to take care of yourself and to treat yourself with kindness. The more often you will think about it, the more often you will do everything to make yourself happy and to live in harmony with yourself.

7. What I would like to change now?

Take a look at your life and areas that in your opinion need change. It’s the appropriate question that will help you do this. A good compass will be also a sense of discomfort. If there is something that constantly annoys you, hurts and deprives a good mood, there is no time to lose, act. Don’t wait for the frustration to start growing, and don’t let the change become more difficult to achieve.

8. What torments me the most?

There are people and things around us to whom it’s worth saying „no”. By answering the above question, you will learn what you don’t like, and you will find that refusing and resignation are extremely liberating. Remember that your physical comfort is sanctity. Take care of it as much as possible. However, if you have to confront something that is not very pleasant for you, remember to take care of your inner regeneration later.

9. What am I afraid of?

First of all, can you distinguish between anxiety and fear? What is the real threat and what is your imagination? Try to answer this question, and you will see that more often we have to deal with anxiety than a real danger. Surely, there will be things you are worried about, but if these are not matters that depend entirely on you, realize that this state of mind doesn’t serve you, and take care of what you are influencing.

10. What do I want?

Well, you can start by asking yourself what you don’t want. Whenever you bend over it, you will learn what isn’t your style, what you don’t like, who you don’t want to go out with, where you don’t like to go, and where you don’t want to live or work. I’m sure you have a certain vision of your life and you know what you are aiming for. The only thing you need is to think about it in your presence.