Being a mother is one of the most beautiful things that have happened to me in my life. It’s an experience like no other, hard to even describe it with words. However, as a woman, I have a need to fulfill myself in many areas of my life. I would like to explore my being also as a woman, and a businesswoman. Here are seven reasons why motherhood and a professional activity are a great combination. What can both bring us? Let’s find out!

Reason #1: Better time management 

When you become a mother, a new skill develops in you (invaluable also at work): better time management. Whatever you do, you do it much more effectively, and the time you have is used to the maximum possible. As soon as you find the moment to reflect, you suddenly notice that your baby is already fed, a home cleaning made, the bills paid, an appointment with a doctor set, and shopping done. Is there a better definition of multitasking?

Reason #2: Your professional development

You just started work or you returned to work after the maternity leave. Both reasons mean that you are on your way to develop your professional career. Regardless of which industry you have chosen, you are up to date with any changes that have appeared on the market. You meet new people thanks to whom you get to know new things. You return to learn a foreign language or develop new skills necessary in your profession. You become professionally active, you are successful as an employee or boss, and this undoubtedly gives you a feeling of satisfaction and happiness.

Reason #3: Your personal development

This point is closely connected with the previous one, after all, your professional development is at the same time your self – development. However, it’s still not everything. When you come back to work, you naturally go out into the world and reestablish various relationships in it. After the hardships of the birth and the babyhood of your little one, you want to take care of yourself, and of that part of your existence that has gone down to the background. You do more and more for yourself, not forgetting about your family and its youngest part. You go back to the exercises, change your hairstyle, change your wardrobe, go back to your favorite books, movies and meetings with friends. Believe me, when you find time for your needs, you can give a lot more to others. You become a better version of yourself – in any role you want.

Reason #4: Your child’s development

Often, young mothers are afraid of separation from the child. They think it will affect badly them and the baby. I experienced it myself, and now I have one thing to say: there is nothing more wrong! A child who meets other children develops much faster. The baby learns new words, games and behaviors, and also new mechanisms of functioning. Moreover, your toddler will gain a number of necessary skills which, through its development, will transform into excellent interpersonal skills. Another plus is that you both will miss each other more, and the time spent together will gain quality.

Reason #5: Growth of life-giving energy

There is nothing more overwhelming than routine. When the emotions associated with welcoming a new family member slightly decrease, there is a risk that you will feel tiredness with recurring activities. Adding to this lack of sleep and stress related to the role of the parent, we have a ready prescription for an overload – both, physical and mental. Going to the office might look like nothing else but another duty, yet there is a difference. When you change the environment and your activity during the day takes different forms, you have definitely more energy and willingness to act. You are stimulated by various impulses, and therefore far from apathy. The conclusions? You get satisfaction from work, and your home restores your balance.

Reason #6: Priorities that are set

One of the most affectionate feelings is the feeling of love for your child and the feeling that you are fully responsible for her or him. There is nothing more important. The motherhood has given me and still gives me the awareness that all my priorities are in the right place. It helps me in the fight against stress and overwork, gives a sense of security and peace. Even when the business things don’t go so well, I know a place where I can always come back and from which I will always come out in full strength. I know what in my life is my first priority, and I know how much I owe to the role of wife and mother.

Reason #7: Overcoming the feeling of guilt

The motherhood is an art. Women who have experienced this will probably appreciate the meaning of these words. However, I’m afraid that along with their sense of pride and win, there will also be a sense of guilt. Is it not too early to get back to work? Do I have the right to go out in the evening? And what if dad can’t do it? Do these sentences sound familiar? It’s time to defeat them once for all! And I’m sure you can do it with little help from your professional activity or hobby. You are a mother and it’s wonderful, but you are still a woman who also needs support, care and love – especially to herself.