The IT industry is fascinating – I will never change my mind about it. Furthermore, it’s a business branch that needs a woman’s hand. Hence, if you think about your future career, try your luck, it might be a great place for you. You will gain not only a new experience but also useful superpowers. Time to get to know them, and become one of the “Wonder Women” in the IT world!

Superpower #1 :You are the champion of simplifying

The IT environment seems to be very complicated. Just until you get in it. Working among developers proves that simple solutions are the best solutions. When it comes to software engineering, the most important is logical thinking and problem-solving skills, in one word, an optimization. All processes should be as uncomplicated as possible. Observing it daily, suddenly, you want to „optimize”, and simplify your entire life: shopping, housekeeping, and even making a coffee. Eureka!

Superpower #2: You have knowledge in different fields

The IT business is not l’art pour l’art. It should serve people. More and more areas are being developed thanks to the new technologies – it concerns especially two sectors: banking and healthcare. Therefore, while working in the tech industry, at the same time, you can work in the financial, tourism, cosmetics, fashion, automotive, interior design and many other industries. All at once, it turns out that you’re familiar with things you’ve never thought about before. Maybe you’re not “omnipotent” yet, but you’re certainly “omniscient” (in the best sense of the term, of course).

Superpower #3: You can teleport your work

In most IT companies a remote work is not a problem. Communication takes place online so you can stay in touch with your team wherever you are. Above all, it’s important for mothers who want to work, but parental responsibility requires them to be in many places at once. The home office seems to be a perfect way to do that.

Superpower #4: You can travel in time

New technologies give us solutions for the future. While working in the tech field, you learn quite a lot about how the world that combines analog and digital reality, will look like. There are more and more smart services that aim to make our life comfortable. Furthermore, everyday contact with technological solutions makes you learn more, and fear less. On the contrary, you start to like apps, platforms and other types of digital products, because you see that they serve your little, everyday affairs.

Superpower #5: You are not looking for a job – the job is looking for you

The longer your experience in the IT industry is, the more likely you will become a wanted specialist. Believe me, the IT companies will look for you, trying to deliver to you the best possible benefits, including a satisfying salary. In case you would like to change your job, you can stay calm – the door of the labor market is wide-open. And that is priceless.

Superpower #6:  You are a progress

Technology never sleeps. Systems are constantly changing, giving us new tools and solutions. Being part of the IT space, you’re still developing your skills and gaining knowledge. Working in the IT environment means, from one year to another, more and more progress, and you have your share in it. “Sky is the limit”  is not enough for you. Your work is already a universe.

Superpower #7: You can become whoever you want

There is a belief that the IT branch is reserved only for software engineers. Nothing could be more wrong! Currently, no company can handle without an IT infrastructure. The software houses create solutions for various clients, and where is a client, there is also a sale. Going forward, we need customer service and the marketing department. The IT companies are looking not only for developers, but also for business analysts, product managers, graphic designers, support consultants, and marketing specialists. Who would you like to be? The choice is yours.