People often ask me how I find myself in the world of business and finances. As they say, in the men’s world. Well, I have to admit this is not one of my favorite questions, and it causes my deep disagreement. I consider finance to be a universal field. Money doesn’t have gender. The truth is we all need and want money. Believe me, there is no exception.

Psychology of the money

They say that money doesn’t bring happiness. I think it gives us a lot more. Just think about it, money is related to everything: our health, personal development, our home and family. Money gives us stabilization and provides the quality of life, not only material but also emotional. It’s all about feeling comfortable and safe. Money is a tool that wisely used can serve our health and protect ourselves. It allows us to look after ourselves and our loved ones. Money is also a kind of energy that strongly affects our emotions. We can feel the peace resulting from good financial condition or frustration and anxiety caused by wrong money management. It’s not without reason I use the word „management” and not „lack” – mostly, it’s not about how much we earn, but rather how we use our resources. I believe that good money management means controlling our expenses, and then effective saving. It’s all about our financial intelligence, which is worth taking care of.

Money vs our beliefs

What is your attitude towards money? Do you believe that you deserve it or are you afraid that one day you will be short of money? Can you properly price your work? Or maybe you believed that you will never earn well? What do you tell about the money your loved ones, especially children? The truth is what we hear about the money from an early age, becomes what we believe as adults. Your subconscious doesn’t sleep. When it comes to financial education, one of the most fundamental things is to learn how to respect money and material things. It would be good for us to be able to appreciate the value of the things we use. Let’s plan our lives financially instead of falling into a vicious circle of thinking that we don’t deserve what we want. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for women to have lower financial expectations than men. Maybe it’s worth considering where it starts and what’s the background of this state of mind? And what about other false beliefs concerning money? What you can do to change them? Start with small steps:

  • always have some money at home, and with you,
  • invest in something that you wanted to do or have,
  • pay bills on time,
  • set up a savings account, and look at the amount that grows each month.

Certainly, it will give you a sense of control over your finances and will strengthen your new, better habits. It’s worth working with beliefs to develop inner mechanisms to deal with challenges. Yet, it happens sometimes that suddenly we get a cash injection or we win money. If we aren’t prepared for it, we can’t cope with such a huge energy. By cultivating the belief that you don’t deserve something, you open the way to old habits. A good plan for life will allow you to keep your finances in a good shape, and be prepared for everything that is unpredictable without feeling guilty or fearful.

Luxury at your fingertips

Being careful in managing money doesn’t mean that you have to deny your needs and desires. The essential question is: “What do you want to have money for?” The account balance is one thing, the state of mind and knowledge about money is the other thing, even more important. Invest wisely in yourself. Buy once, but well. Don’t agree with the low quality of items and services. In my opinion, that’s how a luxury looks like. Try to find your own sense of it. The luxury is the least complicated, comfortable life, without unnecessary financial obligations and debts. It’s definitely buying less, but getting things that are really solid and can serve us for a long time. The luxury is consistent budget planning, and the feeling that it supports our values and goals. These are long-term investments that will return after years. We are really rich when our finances are all right. When we have peace of mind when thinking about tomorrow, when we feel independent and safe. When we can give, and thus help others. When we do certain things because we want to, and not because we are forced to do so. When money serves us, and not the other way round. I’m absolutely convinced that when it comes to managing our own money, we can all become financial sharks.