Regardless of whether it comes to starting a business, running a home, starting a workout or other changes, there are sentences that you repeat yourself and others too often. You believe it or not, words have power – they are like spells. Make them finally improve your life.

Sentences often repeated become our beliefs. Let’s take a look at some of them.

“I can’t do it.”

I’m sure no one would tell you this, except… your inner voice. Just don’t foresee that you can’t do it, try it first. It might happen that you will handle something, you haven’t tried before. The truth is that everyday life rarely gives us a chance to pick up the gauntlet. The challenges are fostered by a new job or a new life role, for example, a parent or a boss. Before you say „I can’t deal with it” again, give yourself a chance.

“I’m afraid.”

When you are really afraid, you start to feel fear or anxiety all over your body. The body reacts secreting adrenaline – „the fear hormone” and cortisol – „the stress hormone”. This causes unnecessary tension. Our mind doesn’t distinguish between the real threat and the one that our imagination created – it works exactly the same way. Therefore, it’s important not to focus on what we are afraid of. Just keep going until you reach your goal.

“I know nothing about it.”

To be honest, saying “I know nothing about it” is not enough. If something really interests you, do anything to find out as much as possible. What would you like to be the best at? This is the key question. No one knows everything. Let’s face it, in the era of the new technologies which give us opportunities to learn, the lack of knowledge is ignorance.

“I will do it as soon as…”

  • I learn the new language,
  • I raise my child,
  • I renovate an apartment,
  • it’s warmer,
  • it’s cooler,
  • I lose weight,
  • I change my wardrobe,
  • I find a partner,
  • I get a payment,
  • I change my job.

Choose the right sentence or add your own. Either we have effects or excuses.

“I am sorry.”

The ability to apologize is a great thing. Unless you do it too often and apologize for the wrong things. Being constantly sorry for no special reason equals feeling guilty, and this effectively deprives us of the courage to change our life. Don’t let apologies become a habit that will have a negative impact on your thinking about yourself. You have the right to ask if you don’t know something. You have the right not to answer a call or your emails during a holiday.

“I have no time.”

Are you sure? Have you ever tried to count the time spent online during the day? How much time do you spend on texting, chatting, on watching TV? Things that were meant to be a short entertainment became an addiction. It steals not only precious hours but also our energy. I believe that we always have time for whatever we want. It’s up to us to choose wisely.

“I have no money.”

The question of money is essential. Regardless of income, it’s worth being interested in personal finances. Do you often have that feeling that you are spending too much? In my opinion, our budget is not ruined by thoughtful investments, but frequent purchases of unnecessary things or things that won’t last because of their low quality. I would compare money to time – both are a kind of energy. It is worth managing it carefully.

The truth is that what we think affects our lives, and the way we say about ourselves influences how we act. Although we often want to avoid it, the truth is strikingly simple:

If you change nothing, nothing will change.

Courtney C. Stevens

From now on, change your words, then your thoughts, and see what happens.