We are often told that life happiness and prosperity depend on us. It’s true, but what exactly does it mean? Have you ever wondered what character traits are the foundations of our personal happiness? Here are a few of them. They are worth knowing and worth being an indispensable part of our lives.

Strength of character

The way we are influences how we find ourselves in the world and build our relationships. In point of fact, it’s not up to us what kind of character we have, but the good news is that we can observe ourselves, and self-knowledge might help us to improve our life. We usually have more resources to take on challenges than we think. Our strength of character is the same strength that pushes us forward always when things get tough.

Here are a few character traits worth paying attention to:

1. Straightforwardness

Always tell the truth and present things as they are. Honesty is the best way out of every situation. Life sometimes is a hard nut to crack and there’s really no need to make it harder. Every lie will require another one in a moment. Less complication is more of life’s freedom.

2. Courage

Courage is often associated with great deeds, but it’s more than that. Courage is also telling straight what we feel, saying „no”. Often, it also means a change of work, the end of a relationship which is a burden, it’s also a defense of our values. And what about the need for self-expression in art or through our own personal style? It’s also proof of our inner boldness.

3. Self-confidence

Contrary to what we often observe, self-confidence has nothing to do with arrogance or cynicism. A self-confident person doesn’t behave in this way and has no need to constantly confirm his or her worth. Above all, if you are a self-confident person, you are consistent, you are able to appreciate and stand up for yourself.

4. Perseverance

Perseverance is our great strength and it’s worth practicing. It’s not about big things, but rather small steps. It combines patience and discipline. As you know, it often takes years to build up something valuable. The one who has a goal or plan knows that it’s the perseverance that materializes it.

5. Openness

Openness is a trait that allows us to meet and know people and the world around us. It’s worth experiencing the new and looking for unknown ways of self-development. It sometimes happens that a simple, everyday conversation is enough to inspire you, to awake your enthusiasm and regain your willingness.

6. Peacefulness

And also a bit of distance, and the ability to be silent in the right moments. I think it’s the essence of being successful and happy. Thanks to this, we better deal with stress and regain our life balance. We give up the desire to always be right, we don’t create dramas and we are not any part of them. We get involved in matters as much as we need, and that’s all.

7. Gratefulness

Gratefulness is the quintessence of feeling happiness. Without it, we can’t feel fulfilled, because we will still want to have more and more. It’s most difficult to be grateful for things considered obvious: health, family, work, home. Don’t wait for the loss to appreciate and thank for what you have already received.

Of course, this list could be much longer. I chose the traits that I think are the most important, and which helped me at different stages of my life. Regardless of when we start working on ourselves, it’s never too late to develop these qualities and derive great satisfaction from what effects they bring. Let’s try!