Fascinating. Innovative. Brave. These are words of praise that the IT industry definitely deserves. The industry that has stolen my heart many years ago. What attracts me to this business area? And why to make the business gain strength, you should be also interested in it?

The IT industry is looking for a human

Although the IT industry is primarily robotization, automation, the digital world and artificial intelligence, everything has its origin in a human being. Yet, the new technologies are supposed to serve us. Before I have anchored in the IT world for good and became the head of the software house, I was involved in the HR industry for a very long time. That allowed me to observe the evolution of employee-employer relations and the process of changes in the labor market, in the face of the digital revolution – especially when it comes to the competences. There must be a reason that the IT industry is called the employee’s market, and it’s quite an advantage for all those who think about a career in this field. Technical and cyber-technical qualifications are already very valuable, however, what is essential, it’s that, within the team, they have to coexist with the soft skills. That is why I love the IT industry so much! It’s developing very dynamically, opening the door for people with various talents. It’s not something only for the programming skills, because these should be supported by many others. We need specialists who will take care of user experience, others who will design the product according to the guidelines, still others who will take care of the maintenance, then people for the whole advertising thing. We need languages. All this gives us a great, open space to work and learn from each other. The IT industry combines what is black with what is white. Female strength with male power. What is creative with what is analytical. What is strange and unknown, with what is indisputable. I believe that this diversity is unique and indispensable to shape reality.

Columbus and da Vinci of the new generation

We have to admit that the IT industry is highly creative. The world of the new technologies attracts courageous people, who think innovatively and are eager for continuous learning. The Internet itself is an unprecedented invention of humanity and significantly influenced various aspects of our lives – not only our work but also our consumer and social behavior. I think that all innovations have their source in the desire to simplify everyday life. At this point, I would like to recall the world of cryptocurrencies, including FuturoCoin on which we are constantly working. Our main goal is its advanced functionality. It has to be for everyday people that want to pay for goods, for the smallest things. Without it, the existence of FTO would not make sense. The cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology behind them are fascinating. Digital security, decentralization of cryptocurrencies, instant transactions, reliable database – these are today’s treasures and the industry of the new technologies is their guard. I’m truly fascinated by its dynamism, I can’t wait for what the future will bring. When it comes to the development of the new technologies, the other side of the coin may be people’s fear of the unknown. That is why it’s so important to share the knowledge and make it easy to reach. This is another part of the work that awaits us when making new digital inventions.


Another thing that absolutely impresses me in the IT industry, it’s the simplicity of its working. Everything must be as simple as possible. Things should work quickly, minimum content should give maximum understanding. It’s great when a workflow is transparent and uncomplicated. The power of simple solutions brings success to the users and to the company owners. What is simple is also versatile, flexible, applicable in many places. To be mobile and functional – this is the essence of simplicity. Products that meet these conditions, and are intuitive, have a chance to exist and conquer the market. Today, we only need one device to command our world: use the bank, pay for the service, do shopping, order a taxi or talk. Smart, click, chat. That’s how our everyday life looks like, and although it sometimes causes uncertainty, it definitely makes everything easier.

Love IT

I think that the IT environment is a great source of inspiration not only at work but also beyond. Analytical skills, abstract thinking, finding solutions, precision and simplicity. These are great tools to run a house and to take long journeys. The IT industry is undoubtedly our future. If we do our best, we can design our future just as we wish.