What makes us successful? Although I am very active in the business area, I don’t want to talk about success from the point of view of a businesswoman. What interests me the most, is the success from the point of view of an ordinary woman. I believe that there are many factors that contribute to a sense of success. Neither money nor material things you have, shouldn’t be treated as a measure of it. I think success has many faces. The women’s faces.

Success – name it

Let’s stop for a moment, look around your life, and try to define what success means to you. However, what you have to do first, it’s getting to know yourself. Get to know your strengths and weaknesses. There are many character traits that allow us to achieve our goals and make dreams come true. Self-knowledge helps not to get stuck in the wrong place with the wrong people. Whether you are talking about professional or personal development, pay attention to what kind of person you are, and how you feel in different circumstances. What bothers you and what makes you flourish? What you do best and what rather reluctantly? It’s honesty to yourself that brings respect. Respect from others and what is more important,  respect coming from within you. Therefore, your success can hide behind a beautifully designed flat, a long journey, raising a child, taking care of yourself. The measure of success can be years, months, but also days and hours. It is you who decide. For me, the successful woman is a woman who has her own hierarchy of values, deeply believes in her plan and sees the meaning of taking action. She is a consistent woman, honest with herself and aware that failures are part of a successful life.

Personal support system

I’ve mentioned it many times before, because I consider it very important. When facing various failures, there is nothing more important than the ability to receive help when it’s needed. You are not a lonely island and believe me – you don’t want to be. Respect yourself, remember that you won’t like everyone, just as everyone won’t like you, and find a few reliable and closest people who will become the source of your personal energy. Deep relationships based on trust will give you strength and faith in your own abilities. Of course, what is crucial, it’s to build your own, very intimate, inner support system. Do you have confidence in yourself? Can you appreciate yourself and forgive yourself? Do you believe that whatever happens, you will be fine? I’m sure that women who want to be successful, behave just like… successful women. They cultivate their self-love and allow others to love them and treat with respect. They don’t complain or gossip, they deal with their own life, changing it and shaping in their own way. They have support in others, but above all, find it deeply in themselves.

Success is the art of resignation

More and more often we hear that it’s worth to practice your assertiveness by refusing, learning to say „no”. And what about the resignation? Is this really the same thing as surrendering? In my opinion, you need to know when to leave. It is also something that determines our strength.

If you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave.

Mo Willems

Our physical and emotional condition tells us a lot about our current life situation. It’s worth observing how we feel at work, in a partnership, in relationships with family or friends. Sometimes, leaving is the best we can do for ourselves. The end is always the new beginning. I think that the luxury and the real success, is the sense of freedom that comes from deciding about yourself. We have to learn how to say “goodbye” to people and places which bring nothing to our lives. Letting go is not an escape or sacrifice. It’s rather a conscious decision to abandon things that are a burden. This is what a successful woman is doing. She gives way, putting herself in the first place, and knowing that life is somewhere else. Leaving means to be free. Free from the high expectations, free from the opinions of others, free from constant control of everything around. It’s worth moving away from anything that doesn’t serve you , and do everything to make you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Look for inspiration

We often hear stories of women who have been successful in various fields. Sometimes, to find them you really don’t have to look far, just look at the women who live closest to you – in the family, at work, in the city. Wise inspirations can help us crystallize our own way and vision, we can see in someone else the person we want to become. However, it’s worth to be vigilant, and not to get stuck in the trap of being inferior. When such feelings come to me, I always remind myself of the very inspiring words I heard once:

Be a little less yourself as usual. Make some space for yourself that you can become.

I’ve learned that if I give myself enough time and attention, I will be a better „me”: woman, friend, partner, mother and boss. I realize that success comes gently, step by step and with time. So, have I achieved success? No one but me decides about it.