You are not good enough, you can’t do this, this is not what a girl should do… Have you ever heard things like this? Maybe you repeat these words to yourself? If the answer to these questions is yes, it’s definitely time for changes I encourage you to make. I am a businesswoman and I am proud of it. However, this is not enough for me. I want to inspire us, women, to reach for what we deserve. Especially, when talking about our career.

Women vs the job market

Being experienced in the HR industry and following the situation of employees in Poland, I notice that the participation of women in the labor market is constantly growing, while they are still missing in the management team. Is that because we have no competence? Absolutely not. Maybe, because we prefer to stay at home? No. Often, the reason is that we do not believe in ourselves and depreciate our capabilities. Moreover, there are areas – like the IT industry – in which the presence of women is still surprising. A woman in the world of cryptocurrency? A female software developer? It’s something wow! Unfortunately, not always in a positive context. I wonder how it’s possible? We are well educated, we have high hopes and ambitions and looking at women who are mothers, we have to admit that at multitasking and maintaining discipline, there are no better ones than us! Many stereotypes have roots in cultural conditions. The fear of change is big, but we don’t have to keep the status quo, especially if we are talking about the rising of our career. As women, we have many qualities that are valuable in running a company. We are guided by passion, we see a deeper meaning in what we create. We take care of the details, we are observant and scrupulous. We listen to our intuition and act with carefulness, which is extremely important for the functioning of the enterprise. We work hard and persistently. All that means we take to business like a duck to water.

Glass ceiling

In my own way, I liked this term. By the by, it reminds me of a short story. There was a very young and small elephant tied with a rope. It was enough to hold him. As he grows up and becomes a powerful creature, he’s conditioned to believe he cannot break away. He believes the rope can still hold him, so he never tries to break free. The glass ceiling is also an imaginary, invisible barrier, but still existing. This is a restriction that makes it difficult for women to reach high levels of career, mainly because they are… women. In my opinion, the business has no gender. Sometimes, when asked about how I find myself in the men’s work environment, I feel pain in the neck. Finances are the domain of us all. The technology development also. The world we live in is a place open to everyone. It wouldn’t exist without women or without men so it’s important to complete each other. That’s what I’m striving for, leading my businesses.

You do not have to be the best, you are good enough

I also think that in order to be successful at work, it’s crucial to let us help ourselves in various aspects of our lives. A partnership is key! It’s not possible to achieve a master level in everything, and the feeling that we don’t have to prove anything to anyone is truly releasing. It took me a long time to understand this because, like everyone, I want to be the best, but after years of different experiences, I managed, and guess what… Nothing bad happened. We need the support of our colleagues, partners and other women. A request for help is no reason to be ashamed. Admitting that we do not know something isn’t blame. Why does a man apply for a job even if he meets less than 40% of the requirements, and a woman gives up if she doesn’t meet 100% of the expectations? It’s obvious that we are afraid of failure and negative evaluation, however, as I mentioned above – if you know your value and trust yourself, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. What does this mean to me? Most of all, that you can learn everything, you can ask for everything, and when needed, let go. I’m probably not the perfect mom, the perfect boss, or the perfect woman. None of us is and will be. More important than this, is that I take action, learn and treat myself with mindfulness and distance. That’s what I would like to teach my daughter, my co-workers and each of my readers.

Girl power!

In the Coders House company we employ many women, who might not have even thought about working in the IT industry before. They are educated in different ways. Now, they co-create new products, manage administration, invent campaigns, test IT projects, write. They are comprehensive and they do great – even by making mistakes. They know languages. They are beautiful and bold. That’s how I see women in my company, on the labor market, in the world… If you read this, know, that you are one of them. Believe me, you do a great job!